The Power of Praise in the Darkness

Early in 2020, I was invited to teach a message that I have called “The Power of Praise in the Darkness.” It was going to be one of the teaching sessions at a small women’s conference which ended up being cancelled because of Covid. I feel like the Lord desires me to share it on this blog, and this page will list the posts as I share them. 

1. The story of how worship became a central part of my life – An Introduction

2. ‘Praise and Worship’ is not just singing songs to God – What is praise and worship really?

3. David knew the power of praise and worship – Why was God say David was “after His heart”? Was David’s commitment to worship instrumental in his life?

4. Where the battlefield really is for all life’s struggles – We can’t win the battle if we don’t understand where the battlefield is!

5. How we decide who has the highest ground in our battles – We hold more power than we realize… but our power isn’t where we often wish it was!