My Ultimate Makeover – pg.8

Whoever and wherever you are as you’re reading this… is there any area of your life that gives you frustration or anger?  Do you ever wonder if you’ll ever measure up?  If your answer to either of these questions is “yes,” then please know that God has more for YOU.  Every area of your life that is touched by anger, frustration, or despair is an area that God wants to work in… to supply His peace and meet your needs.  This is how I know that He has more for me, too!

This isn’t something that I can teach you, anymore than I can teach it to myself.  It’s not something that you can find in any one place on earth.  The only place it can be found is that place where you go when you bare your heart before God.  When you pour out to Him everything that’s in your heart – the good, the bad, and the ugly – and let Him set you free.  Only He can show us these mysteries that our mind cannot otherwise comprehend… the mysteries that change our lives.

If you think there’s got to be more in your life, just go to God and ask Him to change you and show You who He really is what He’s done for you… and keep asking!  He will do it!

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“And you will seek Me

and find Me

when you search for Me

with all your heart.”

– Jer. 29:13