My Ultimate Makeover – pg.6

My life has never been the same since that day. Those few precious days did end, but now I know what the answer to any question I have ever had or ever will have is. “Jesus.” When He said, “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life,” He meant it in more ways than most of us can even fathom.

Yes, I still get frustrated and angry from time to time, because habits must be broken. I still fall into discouragement.

But if I am honest with myself now, after the experience of those special days, I know that it only happens when I let it happen. Each time I feel frustration or anger or discouragement come against me, I make a choice: whether to submit to that and let it move in, or whether to rest in who Jesus is instead.

Life is not hopeless anymore, and I look forward to the future, because I know that God is there. He’s not in some far-off place or as a vague essence, but in me! This is not theology, but a reality that I am living. The fact that He lives in me is just as much a reality as it is that Rob lives with me.

I think that He gave me those days because the reality and truth of what it means to allow Him to live in me is so other-dimensional that I would never have “gotten it” if I only heard it. I had to have it shown to me in a way that I could not deny.

In the years since, I have learned so much. Some things are just “head knowledge” that is not yet showing in my life. But I have also received plenty of “heart knowledge” or “revelation”–things that only God could really explain to me–truths that change my life. Just like when Jesus told Peter, “Blessed are you…because flesh and blood has not revealed it to you, but my Father who is in heaven.”

There is no greater blessing for us than when God reveals His Truths to us, because it is only then that we are changed. We cannot be changed by teaching, or studying… only by God. It is a process that will be going on my whole life long, but it is a glorious process. It is the process of learning who Jesus Christ is in me and who I am in Him, the result of which is “being changed from glory to glory.”

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“I am the Way,

the Truth, and the Life.”

– John 14:16