My Ultimate Makeover – pg.5

He turned the mirror around, and all I saw was Him in that mirror! I saw that I was still nothing, but that He is everything, and He wants to live in me in a way that I had never understood. That because He is everything, and He is in me, I may experience His fullness, instead of my emptiness. I may have His victory instead of my failure. I may be filled with His peace instead of my turmoil. I may live in His rest instead of my frustration.

He gave me several precious days when He supernaturally directed my life and showed me what it means to have Him living through me–Jesus Christ, the God through whom the universe was created–the One whose Name is above every other name–the Man who lived a perfect life… living my life.

During those several days, I barely knew myself. Before that day, I would “blow up” inside at every little thing. I would be furious at myself if I was clumsy and made a mess. It would take everything I had not to explode at my husband when he did something that irked me. The kids got the sharp side of my tongue more often then I care to admit.

But on that day, something changed. I remember dropping a glass on the floor and watching it smash… calmly taking out the trash can and sweeping it up… and then suddenly realizing that I was not the least bit upset at myself and wondering how in the world that had happened! I remember watching my husband walk through the dining room and comment about something, and suddenly feeling so much love well up in my heart for him that I couldn’t help smiling…and then realizing that normally that comment would have driven me “up the wall.” (I don’t remember what it was. it was probably something extremely trivial.)

The kids were unable to frustrate me. I just had a peace that I wondered at. I didn’t understand why I was acting so weird! Even though I liked it, it was still so different that I could only describe it as “weird.” Then I sat down with my Bible and prayed, and I heard God speak, for what might have been the very first time that I really knew it was Him.

He simply said, “That’s Me living in YOU!”

He pulled me out of that pit that day, and I saw how bright and beautiful the world He made was, and how wonderful the future I have in Him was going to be.

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“Christ in you, 

the hope of glory.”

-Col. 1:27