My Ultimate Makeover – pg.3

During this time I also realized that God wanted to speak to me, and He wants me to hear His voice. I realized that hearing God’s voice is an important part of having a relationship with him… just like it is with your spouse. Marriages cannot last if the man and woman don’t talk, and a relationship with God is no different. It’s supposed to be a two-way street.

The Bible says, “My sheep hear My voice.” Somehow I never knew that, growing up. I always assumed that people who said God talked to them were either super-spiritual and good, or else they were lying to manipulate others. But during this time, I not only realized that God did indeed talk to His people now-a-days, but that He wanted to talk to me, and probably had been talking to me for years and I had been ignoring it!

So I also began begging God to help me hear His voice. I had grown so accustomed to ignoring all the “thoughts” that were constantly running through my head… or letting them continue on whatever path they led to… that I could not figure how to tell what was God’s voice, what was from the devil, and what was just plain me! I went so far as to tell God that I didn’t care if He had to yell at me. If that’s what it took for me to hear Him, then so be it!

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“My sheep hear My voice.”

– John 10:27