I think everyone should listen to:

Why God defended Moses (It wasn’t his calling)

Hope – Louie Giglio — I agree with absolutely every word in this message, and this is why I continue this blog… to try to demonstrate, in my own small way, how I see hope at work in this messy world.

Who God Shares His Secrets With – John Bevere

Good or God? – John Bevere (I also recommend the book… and I do not recommend Christian teaching books lightly! This is one of only about a dozen that I actually recommend.)

Take the Plunge – So Long Kiddie Pool – Louie Giglio

How Great Is Our God – Louie Giglio… and stars and whales… and us!

Why People Hate Church – Francis Chan

Luke Warm and Loving It – Francis Chan

The Awe Factor of God – Francis Chan

The Arrogance of Man (This isn’t a message…this is Francis Chan sharing his heart and asking for prayer as he writes a book called Erasing Hell…but the message that I got out of it was a severe warning about man’s arrogance and how detrimental and foolish it is. Watch The Awe Factor of God first, to help put this little message in perspective.)

Darlene Zcheche on Worship… what it is, its power, and how to begin your journey as a worshiper. That sounds like a dry, boring teaching, but it’s not. It’s the writer of “Shout to the Lord” sharing her awe and joy in the most blessed thing we are privileged to do…with lots of scripture to back it all up and explain what everyone should know. It’s in four parts, which you’ll find here.