Best of

These are some of the best series and collections of studies and posts that I’ve shared over the years:

Psalm 91 Revelations (12-part series) – I spent most of 2019 talking with God about Psalm 91, and He showed me amazing things! He led me to start sharing it in January of 2020 and I continued with the series as the pandemic began.

Lessons in Trust – God has taught me so much on trust over the years that I felt the urging in late 2019 to share many of those lessons.

How God Speaks Your Love Language – In 2009, I did a series on how God speaks all five Love Languages (as identified and described by Gary Chapman in his book The Five Love Languages). It was an amazing topic to explore!

My Ultimate Makeover – My 2002 testimony and one of the most transforming revelations of my life

God’s Care of Me – My 2014 testimony (video) of how God used my car accident to work another absolutely life-changing transformation in my life.

I think everyone should listen to these messages from other speakers.