Author name: Katie

All He Was - Christmas version

All He was BEFORE He was laid in the manger

I redid the lyric video for “All He Was” and I want to share it before Christmas. Jesus was the baby in the manger. The hero of the story. And Christmas was His entry point into our story. But that’s not where the story began. Like always, there was backstory.

I Will Wait YouTube cover

Something new about waiting on God

I want to share something that God showed me a couple of days ago about waiting on Him. This is somewhat ironic because He was showing me something about waiting on Him several years ago, and my song “I Will Wait” came out of that. But yet, just a couple of days ago, He again showed me something new.

I was thinking about the difference between when you are thinking that maybe something is going to happen and you want it to happen, and when you’re waiting on something to happen.