The story behind “Masterpiece” (releasing tomorrow)

This song started from the overflow of a message God gave me for His people last August. Here is the story: This is the message God gave me last August. I included music from “I Will Wait” in it, but God started giving me “Masterpiece” on my walk home.

A different kind of prosperity

I’ve been thinking about how many scriptures in the Bible talk about prosperity. We tend to think that “prosperity” is always about money… but it’s not! What if it’s actually more about time?

What’s the difference?

I’ve been asking God what makes the difference between those Christians who see miracles and hear His voice all the time and have that amazing walk with God… and those who don’t. He answered my question this morning.

Glory in the Wilderness

I was honored to be the guest speaker on Awakening True Image and Likeness yesterday. If you’d like to hear the recording, it’s here. My message starts after the into and announcements.

Who is He to you?

God identified Himself as the “I AM” to the Israelites. This is what YHWH or “Yahweh” means. But it’s more than just a name. To the Israelites, a name was the summary of a person’s character and very reason for existence. For God, this is the summary of all that He is for us! Therefore, …

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News, a bit of history, and encouragement

Hi everyone! News: I’m going to be sharing next week on ATIL’s global podcast. It starts at 19:30 CAT which (right now) is 1:30pm Eastern Daylight time. You can view the recording later if you are interested but are working during the live broadcast. Here are links to the channels:Facebook: The bit of …

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