Who is He to you?

God identified Himself as the “I AM” to the Israelites. This is what YHWH or “Yahweh” means.

But it’s more than just a name. To the Israelites, a name was the summary of a person’s character and very reason for existence. For God, this is the summary of all that He is for us!

Therefore, there is a specific connection between each name of God and our response to Him. Each name of God reflects an attribute of God, and each attribute deserves a response from us.

You are my God… therefore I will worship You.

You are my Lord… therefore I will obey You.

You are my Comforter… therefore I will turn to You when I hurt.

You are my Teacher… therefore I listen and learn from You.

You are my Healer… therefore I turn to You when I am sick.

You are my Savior… therefore I thank You and praise You for what You’ve done, and I turn to You when I am stuck.

You are my Redeemer… therefore I will give You my mistakes and failures.

You are my Banner… therefore I raise Your name and declare that I am Yours.

You are my Provider… therefore I trust You for my needs.

You are the One Who Sees Me… therefore I look to You when I am forgotten by people.

You are the Prince of Peace… therefore I rest in You when my life is in turmoil.

You are the Mighty God… therefore I rely on You when I am weak.

You are my Father… therefore I look to You when I need loving guidance.

The challenge is this:

If I am not responding to that attribute of God, then is He really who He says He is TO ME?

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