One special step in the dance of the heavens

The shadow of the moon in today’s solar eclipse passed over my house, so I got to watch it from my backyard.

I know on one hand, it’s “just the shadow of the moon” tracing a path along the earth. But to me, it’s a demonstration of the mathematical precision that God used to design the universe in those first few verses of Genesis. Because without that Math… and without the knowledge of that math that God permitted humans to discover… we would not have known it was coming. God permitted us to understand and calculate the orbits of the sun and the moon and the earth and their dance around the solar system.

If we hadn’t known, my kids’ employers wouldn’t have given them time off to run outside to see it.

I wouldn’t have known to make sure my calendar had no meetings scheduled.

It was… cool as we say here in the US. Something very unusual to get to experience, and so very unlike the “normal” days that we are used to.

Colossians 1:17 says that all of these heavenly bodies hold their place by the power of Jesus!

He is amazing!

My sister-in-law’s photo
The best picture I could figure out how to get my camera to take!
My backyard at 3:14 in the afternoon, but looking like just before down or just after sunset (except the horizon glow was on all sides, instead of being only in the east or west).

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