The meaning of hope

I’d like to share something special that God showed me when I was talking with Him the other day. It started when thought of the verse “Christ in us, the hope of glory.”

I thought about how the word “hope” in American culture means that something doesn’t seem likely, but we are hoping anyway. We might say we “hope” we pass a test because we didn’t know the answers to over half the questions. We might say we hope someone hands us a million dollars, but we sure don’t expect it to happen!

So I thought of this verse, and I asked God, “Lord, what do You mean by the word ‘hope’ in this verse?”

His answer was immediate. He said very clearly, “Expectation. Hope does not disappoint.” Which is, of course, from Romans 5:5.

And then I discovered a few more fascinating things about the word “hope!”

(The first verse I referenced was Colossians 1:27, not Galatians 2:20. Sorry about that!)

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