Are you a lump of dirt or a seed?

God gave me this back in November, but He had me wait until now to share it. It’s a picturea metaphorabout trust and lumps of dirt and seeds and what happens when we trust Him. The transcript is below.

TRANSCRIPT (lightly edited)

Hello everyone! I have a little something to share today.

I was thinking about trustand trusting God specificallywhile my husband and I were praying this morning, and the Lord opened up a beautiful picture-example of trust in Him and the difference that it makes in our lives. I feel like He wants me to share it with everyone.

We know that there are a lot of verses in the Bible that talk about trusting God, and many of them are promises.

Happy is the one who trust in the Lord.

The Lord sustains those who trust in Him.

The Lord will not fail those who trust in Him.

A lot of those promises are very powerful, but I know from past experience that a lot of times, they’re a little difficult to hold onto. We look at our past history, we look at other people’s lives… We look at any number of examples that the devil is ready to remind us of, where it doesn’t seem like that promise held true. At least the second part of it.

It seems like God didn’t provide, or it seems like this happened or that happened.

But the thing about those promises is that they are for those who trust in Him. But sometimes it’s hard to trust when we haven’t actually seen it.

This is the picture that the Lord gave me.

The reason why those promises work the way they do is that, if we’re not trusting God, we’re kind of like this lump of dirt that I have here.

lump of clay-like dirt

The Holy Spirit is like a gentle breath of wind, blowing to direct us.

If the Holy Spirit blows gently, this lump of dirt’s not going anywhere. If the Holy Spirit blows strongly, it’s still not going anywhere.

So when we’re not trusting Him, we’re like this lump of dirt. We’re not spending time with Him. We think everything else is more important in our lives. We aren’t doing the things that He’s calling us to do. We’re trying to attain things in our own efforts. We’re working, working, working, trying to make everything to get everything to match up… trying to get everything to work properly… it’s not working out right… and then somebody says we have to trust God… and it just feels like one more thing on the To Do list.

But the reality of it iswe’re so caught up in all of the things that we have to do that lump of dirt. And when the Holy Spirit tries to guide us to where the provision is… to where the strength is… to where everything that He has for us is… His gentle blowing isn’t moving us to where it is. To where He needs us to go. Even His hard blowing’s not moving us to where we need to go.

But when we trust Him, we become like this seed from a plantwhich is alive!

It has life in it!

This seed lands in the dead dirt. That dirt… if a seed lands there, it brings life. So when we trust God we’re like this seed. And the most gentle breathe of wind carries it away. There doesn’t appear to even be any breeze right here where I’m sitting right now. And yet, the moment this seed is not being held down by anything, the slightest breath carries it away.

And that’s what trusting God is like. It’s letting go of everything else that we’re holding onto and becoming like that seed so that the gentlest breath of HIs voice… the gentlest whisper… the gentlest puff of wind from His Spirit will move us to where He needs us to be.

God promises to provide. But He doesn’t promise to force us to be where the provision is.

And it’s a process to go from being like that lump of dirt to being like that seed. It’s a process of learning to trust.

But the more that we trust Him… the more we let go… the lighter and less weighed down by the burdens of life we become… the more He is able to lead us and guide us and move us with the most gentle breath of His mouth.

That’s what being led by the Spirit is like.

And that’s when we see the fullness of all of those promiseswhen we trust Him like that.

God bless and have a wonderful day!

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