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I want to share something that God showed me a couple of days ago about waiting on Him. This is somewhat ironic because He was showing me something about waiting on Him several years ago, and my song “I Will Wait” came out of that. But yet, just a couple of days ago, He again showed me something new.

I was thinking about the difference between when you are thinking that maybe something is going to happen and you want it to happen, and when you’re waiting on something to happen.

Let’s take for example a kid who’s got a baseball game or a concert or some sort of event that they’re going to perform or compete at. And let’s say that sometimes the parents of that child tells them, “I’m not sure if I can make it. Maybe I’ll be able to, but it depends on…” That child, the whole way through warmup, in the moments before the game starts or the concert starts or the race starts or whatever it is… that child is thinking that maybe Mom and Dad will show up. They’re wanting Grandma to show up or Grandpa to show up or whoever is maybe going to come support them. There’s a big IF in their mind because they don’t know if that person is going to be able to come or not. They want them to come. They’re hoping that they’ll come. But they don’t know if they really will.

And then let’s say there’s another time or maybe another child whose parent is reliable, and that parent says, “Yes, I will be there at your game. I will be there for your concert. I will be there.” That child, the whole way through warmup and in those moments before it’s going to start, they’re not thinking “if.” They’re simply waiting for Mom and Dad to show up or Grandma to show up, or whoever. They’re just waiting.

That’s what God showed me about waiting on Him.

There’s a difference between entering His presence thinking maybe God’s going do something, and entering His presence to wait for what you know will come. You might not know when it’ll come. You might not know if it’s going to come that hour or in the next five minutes or that day, but you know what’s coming.

I was thinking about this because I was thinking about how my journey in recognizing and hearing God’s voice has changed. It went from not knowing that God was even talking to me, to wanting to hear His voice, to thinking that maybe sometimes He talks me and maybe I’ll hear it today, to now it’s at the point where I’m just waiting for the next time He speaks and there’s no more question. The only question might be when, but there’s no more “IF” question about it any more.

I realized when we sang “I Will Wait” at my church this past Sunday, the song had a whole new meaning that it never had before. I thought about how when we go into God’s presence and we’re waiting on Him, true waiting is waiting on whatever we know He is to us. What we know He’s going to do to us/for us/in us.

I’m not talking about convincing ourselves that we know.

I’m not talking about that.

I’m not talking about a mind game where you try to block out all the negative thoughts and confess 153,000 times what is going to happen.

I’m talking about the things that God has revealed and done in your life in such a way that they are now experiences and a real reality that you have with Him.

So when you go into God’s presence to waiting on Him, think about what it is you’re waiting for. Don’t think about what… (well, you can certainly talk to Him about the things that you want Him to do and show you and tell you if He’s willing) …but I think it’s important to identify what you’re actually waiting on.

I think in the beginning, it has to start (and stay even through our whole lives)… the beginning of that waiting always has to be rooted in who He is. That we are waiting on Him to reveal more of Himself for us.

In the very beginning, it might be nothing more than, “God You are my Savior and I know You are able to save me. This is my situation and I don’t know how You’re going to save me in it. I don’t know how You’re going to carry me through it. I don’t know what You’re going to say. I don’t know if You’re going to say anything, but here is what I know. I know that You are the answer. So I am waiting on whatever it is that You are going to provide for me in this moment.” It’s not a lack of faith to not know what that thing is when you DO know Who it is that You’re seeking. Because we wait on Him first.

And then as our relationship with Him unfolds, we begin to discover all these facets of His character in our walk with Him, and our waiting on Him means that we’re also waiting on the next overflow of that relationship. We’re waiting on the next tidbit that we know He’s going to give, because we’ve discovered that He’s a God who loves to share His heart with us, and He loves to share more of Himself.

That’s what waiting on Him is. There’s an element of faith in there. And again, I’m not talking about the convincing-yourself-in-your-mind-what-you-believe-and what’s-going-to-happen thing that some people call faith. I’m talking about an element of faith in that God has made you able to trust Him at that very elemental level that we get to and that we find in the biggest struggles of our life.

When we’re face to face with the Red Sea.

When we’re face to face with whatever thing is standing in front of us that we can’t see a wait through—we can’t see a way around, we can’t turn around and go back because everything behind us is even worse.

In those moments that we’re face to face to all the things that we don’t know, that’s where God brings us down to the foundation of what we DO know.

In my life, that foundation that He brings me down to has always been His character—it’s who He is. It’s the fact: “God, I know that You’re my Savior. I know You love me. I know that You know more than I do. And that’s enough for me in this moment to just trust in who You are! Because I don’t know anything beyond that! I only know who You are!”

And that’s that foundation that waiting on Him has to start in.

As we walk with Him… as we grow in Him… as our relationship with Him unfolds into a richness of beauty where there is so much revelation and awesomeness and everything that He is… that’s still the foundation! All He’s doing is showing us little bits and details of it.

Just like everyone appreciates the beauty of a rose, but only someone who’s looked at in detail… only someone who is able to watch slow motion of it unfolding… only someone who has see the macro closeups and has really paid attention… only that person is really able to appreciate all the details of a rose unfolding. When you’re watching that rose unfold, you’re appreciating the beauty of the rose, but you’re also waiting for the next petal to unfurl, because that’s how it happens. But it’s all part of that rose.

That’s what a relationship with God is like. It starts with knowing who He is. We’re waiting on Him.

But as it unfolds, He beings to show us the details. And a part of waiting on Him is also waiting for the next petal to unfold because we know it’s coming! And sometimes we know what it looks like or we know what it sounds like because that’s what we’ve seen so far!

So that’s what I wanted to share, and may God bless the rest of your day as you wait on Him.

And may He give you the eyes to see—the vision to see—the things that He’s doing in your life, and what waiting on Him looks like for you, and where you have the time and the ability to wait on Him.

Because any time you give to wait on Him, He will multiply in your life. God bless!

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