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News and news and news

It’s been a very busy last month!

My grandson was born in October! He is healthy and strong, my daughter is doing great, and of course she and my son-in-law and little boy’s big sister (and all his grandmas and grandpas) adore him!

God has also been doing so much in me, taking me deeper and deeper and deeper! I have been very hesitant to do anything that takes away from my time with Him, so I haven’t written much outside of my journal. I have posted several short videos on my Facebook ministry page, as it takes less than 10 minutes to do that (and well over an hour to write and edit and publish a post here). That page is here if you’re interested.

Also, “Show Me” is out! Each lyric video takes me probably close to 40 hours of work, so that’s also kept me busy! I also created a “The story behind it” video (which thankfully only took a handful of hours). It tells the story of what the Lord was teaching me when He gave me this song. Here are both videos:

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