You’re invited to a banquet in His presence

I recorded this on my Facebook page a couple weeks ago, but I want to write it out as well in case Facebook pulls it down for whatever reason. If you want to see the video version, it’s at the bottom of this post.

I believe that God is wanting me to share the call that is coming from His heart and going out into the whole earth right now. It’s always been going out, but it seems particularly loud right now–very passionate right now from the heart of God.

He’s calling people to His heart. We all know this: He’s calling people to seek Him.

What this looks like is going to be different for each person. So no matter who you are, don’t look at how other people are spending time with God and think that your time with God has to look like theirs. Don’t allow condemnation from the enemy to make you feel like you could never spend the time with God that you “should” because your life doesn’t allow you to spend five hours a day with God or spend an hour first thing in the morning because you have little babies that wake up at the crack of dawn. Whatever it happens to look like.

God knows what each part of our lives look like because that’s part of His plan for us. But in that plan He has very special times for each one of us that He’s calling us to step away from this or that to spend time with Him.

For some people, that might be hours a day because He has created their life in such a way that they can do that and He’s wanting them to do that. They need to do that.

For other people, He’s created a life for them that doesn’t allow for hours and hours and hours every day, but it allows for three minutes here and three minutes there, and He’s calling them to give that three minutes here and there because He is going to do absolutely amazing, miraculous things in those little three-minute increments!

So it’s going to be different for each person.

But I believe each one of us, if we search our hearts right now, we will hear the call of God in our life tapping on one area here… one thing there, one thing here… that we’re giving our time and attention to. He’s saying, “Set that aside right now and give Me this time instead. Make room for Me in your life right here.

Wherever you are, and whoever you are, do that! Just become conscious of that and stop and listen! Say to yourself, “Wait a minute! It doesn’t matter what other people’s lives look like. And it doesn’t even really matter so much how absolutely crazy my life is right now.”

Ask Him. Look and see what small (or big! Whichever it is!) part of your life He’s tapping a finger on saying, “This right here. Give Me this time instead!”

This is what He’s calling right now!


The parable that God is bringing to mind over and over again is the one in Luke 14:16-24. Jesus talks about the parable of the feast and banquet.

I don’t believe this banquet represents the End Times when Jesus comes back. I believe that this is the banquet that God gives in the presence of our enemies that Psalm 23 talks about. This banquet represents all of the riches of revelation and peace and joy and glory and power and everything—the fullness of Christ—that God wants to give us. That’s what this banquet represents!

In that parable, Jesus sent the servants out to call all those who were invited to come!

And a whole bunch of them had excuses. For me, if you sum up those excuses, it’s very much like reasons that I keep hearing people say today.

“It’s hard to find time.”

“I’ve got this to do; I’ve got that to do.”

They didn’t have time to come and feast at the banquet in that private time with God!

In the story, God then told the servants to go out and invite anyone they could find… “so that My banquet would be appreciated and My house will be full!”

In this parable, there were three groups of people.

I want you to search your heart as to which of those three groups of people you belong in.

The first group of people are those who were servants.

They were serving God. This doesn’t mean they were serving Him by going to church on Sundays or giving money to the church. God looks at the heart. So these are people who are serving Him in their heart. Their heart, from their innermost being, is to serve God and do whatever He wants them to do, whether it was staying home and taking care of the kids, whether it was to reach out to someone in a grocery store, or whether it was doing something far beyond their wildest dreams that God said just do it. Maybe it’s being willing to do something that God wasn’t actually going to ask them to do—He was just asking if they were willing!

So that first group of people in the story were His servants.

The second group of people in the parable are the people who were invited but who said they were too busy.

There are a lot of those people right now. And some of us who are servants now used to be those “too-busy” people in our past.

But it’s never too late! That’s the good thing! The parable was a very broad summary, but right now, it’s not too late! It won’t be too late until the end comes, because in a different parable, Jesus showed how even those who become servants of the King in the last hour still receive full payment. So it’s not too late!

If you look at yourself, and you know you are one of those who has been telling God, “I’m too busy,” It’s not too late to say, “Okay God! I’m coming to the banquet! Show me how, by Your grace, minute by minute and second by second! I’m coming to the banquet!”

I believe that those who do answer the call and come, He takes them to that banquet, He fills them up to overflowing, and they become His servants. They join the first group!

And then finally, there’s the third group of people.

These people didn’t even know they were called. Some of them are people who didn’t grow up knowing anything truly about the fact that there was a banquet! Maybe they knew there was a king. Maybe they knew vaguely that something existed, but they certainly didn’t think that it was for them… until the servants went and called them. And they came!

So maybe some of you are feeling like life is empty and worthless and you’re not chosen and it’s not for you. Maybe you even know about God and are trusting in Jesus for salvation, but no one ever told you that there was a banquet… that salvation is more than where you go when you die.

I’m going to tell you, if you’re reading this now, that it’s because God is calling you!

You are chosen, and you are invited to come to the banquet that exists in His presence!

Just say, “God, alright! Here I am. Show me who You really are!


So that’s the message. That’s the call of God is in my heart right now.

I pray that whoever reads this, that God will speak to your heart whatever it is that you need to hear, whether it’s conviction, whether it’s promise and hope, whether it’s confirmation…

Seek Him and find Him!

He’s got a banquet that’s available for you!

If you’d like to hear the whole song:

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