Masterpieces in the ditches

I shared this on Facebook last Thursday as a video, but I want to share a text version here as well. Scroll to the bottom for the video version.

I was out walking in my favorite spot Thursday morning, and I asked God to speak to me like I always do…. and I found myself looking around at all the wildflowers along the side of the road.

Most people would consider these flowers to be just weeds. In fact, they’re all plants that people kill in their yards–people who have the money to spend for weed control and that sort of thing consider them all weeds and yank them out.

They’re plants like Queen Anne’s lace and clover and some tall purple things that I didn’t know the name of (but now know is called ironweed because of how hard it is to get out.)

There were morning glories (which are annoying as can be when you’re trying to get it out of where you don’t want it), and there were these little blue flowers that I now know is chicory.

There was milkweed which the monarch butterflies need. There’s not enough of that growing anymore, which is why monarch populations are struggling. (The distribution of this “weed” has been decimated, taking monarch populations with it.)

There were tall yellow flowers that I thought were a type of black or brown-eyed Susans, but they aren’t. I discovered that it’s called the “grey-headed coneflower” which doesn’t seem to describe it at all, because the cone in the center is brown and not grey!

There was lots of horsenettle, which is a beautiful little star-shaped flower in the nightshade family which has poisonous fruit.


All of these flowers are considered weeds. They’re dismissed by most people–most people want to get rid of them, wherever they are.

And yet, I turned on my phone’s camera and started taking some close up shots of them, and I was blown away by the intricate beauty of them! The masterpiece that they actually are! The time and attention that God put into creating these flowers that most people want to dismiss and get rid of.

I hear Him saying that there are those of you out there watching this, and you feel like most of the world just considers you a weed. They just want to get rid of you.

But in God’s eyes,

You Are A Masterpiece!

He has spent so much time and attention creating you!

He has a plan for your life, and He is spending just as much time and attention crafting that plan for your life.

If you will stop trying to shout from the ditches to get other people’s attention—if you will instead bask in the glow of His sunshine and love for you—then He will cause you to bloom and grow, and you will begin to see yourself as the masterpiece that He created.

I’m going to show you some of these pictures that I took of these little weeds and the masterpiece that they are. I pray that they will minister to you as you look at these pictures:

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