Our response to the names of God

I’m thinking this morning about the many names of God. I’ve done this hundreds of times over my decades of life, but this morning, for the first time, I am realizing that there is a specific connection between each name of God and our response to Him. Each name of God reflects an attribute of God, and each attribute deserves a response from us.

You are my God… therefore I will worship You.

You are my Lord… therefore I will obey You.

You are my Comforter… therefore I will turn to You when I hurt.

You are my Teacher… therefore I listen and learn from You.

You are my Healer… therefore I turn to You when I am sick.

You are my Savior… therefore I thank You and praise You for what You’ve done, and I turn to You when I am stuck.

You are my Redeemer… therefore I will give You my mistakes and failures.

You are my Banner… therefore I raise Your name and declare that I am Yours.

You are my Provider… therefore I trust You for my needs.

You are the One Who Sees Me… therefore I look to You when I am forgotten by people.

You are the Prince of Peace… therefore I rest in You when my life is in turmoil.

You are the Mighty God… therefore I rely on You when I am weak.

You are my Father… therefore I look to You when I need loving guidance.

The challenge is this:

If I am not responding to that attribute of God, then is He really who He says He is TO ME? Sure, He’s someone else’s provider, but if I’m relying on my own efforts to provide for my needs, then is He really my provider? If I’m seeking comfort in food or chocolate or shopping or TV or a book or bed, then is He really my Comforter?

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