Why God defended Moses (It wasn’t his calling)

This is a message Didier Tison gave in South Africa just this morning. The video is of the whole service, but this link should jump to the 1:03 point where he starts speaking.

The whole message is SO good, but this part in particular I want to share:

“Miriam and Aaron were speaking against Moses, and God challenged them. He said, ‘With Moses, I space face to face… and he beholds Me. Why were you not afraid to speak against him?'”

“What does the word ‘behold’ mean? ‘Behold’ in the Hebrew is ‘nāḇaṭ’ which means to consider someone; to give our attention and respect someone. Some of us behold the news more than we behold God. Some of us behold politicians more than we behold God. Some of us behold our smartphone more than we behold God. God said, ‘I’m fighting for Moses not because he has this high, mighty call. No! I fight for Moses because He beholds Me. Moses considers Me. Moses respects Me. Moses honors me. Moses puts me first.’

“God said, ‘Moses is a person who beholds Me. He is a person who considers me. He is a person who respects me. I know Moses. He’s not here for you; he’s here for Me. He’s not here for anything else but Me. The assignment means nothing to him. It’s Me he loves.’ In all of Moses’s encounters with God, there was a pouring out of hearts. Moses was pouring out his heart to God, and God was pouring out His heart into him. This is what God is seeking from His bride. It’s a time of intimacy. It’s a time of pouring out of hearts. It’s a time where God is saying, ‘I need My people to reveal My heart.'”

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