For those who worry about their children’s salvation

For those who worry about their children’s salvation, 

A few years ago I was really struggling with the same fear due to things some of my children were going through. I remember one night when I was laying in bed, praying for them, and I was almost begging God to do this thing or that thing which I felt was needed in their lives. Looking back, I was almost entirely focused on the problems I saw in their lives and how strong I knew “the pull of the world” was. Hence the fear. 

But then God stopped me. Suddenly I felt that this question was before me:


Which do you believe is stronger: the pull of the world or God’s ability to draw your kids to Him?


It was like God was saying, “Nevermind all the places where it currently looks like the world or the devil is winning. Do You believe that I am powerful enough to pull stronger at their hearts?”

When I thought about it in that way, I realized that the idea that God might not be strong enough to do something was laughable. In that moment of revelation, my fears vanished and my prayers shifted from begging to praise. “Thank You Lord that You are so powerful! Thank You that You are so loving! Thank You for Your faithfulness!” And I began to learn even more about the power of praise and worship in the dark places of our lives.

If this is where you’re at, think about that question and examine what you really believe. Talk it out with God. Ask Him your questions and let Him challenge you if He wishes. Your prayers and praise have power in your kids’ lives, but that power is multiplied when it’s built on revelations God has given us instead of fear.

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