Why God’s people flourish in a tent

I am reading in Proverbs again, and I came to Proverbs 14:1. 

The house of the wicked will be destroyed, But the tent of the upright will flourish.

The word ‘tent’ jumped out at me. 

In this verse, the wicked are in a house and the righteous are in a tent. So this is stating something that goes against appearances and worldly wisdom. 

Also, the righteous are in a tent, not a hut or a shack. A tent doesn’t symbolize something poor; it symbolizes something temporary. This world is not our home. 

A tent is something that can easily move. We are called to move and follow the Lord’s leading – to move as He moves.

It is this type of life – – living in a way that acknowledges the temporary state of our time on earth and the season we are currently in – – willing and ready to follow His lead with our entire lives – – THIS is where we flourish.

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