What is better than New Years’ Resolutions? What is eternal.

Instead of resolutions…

Instead of resolutions, which are typically ideas that come out of *our* own wisdom, of what *we* think *we* can do manage to do in our *own* strength, about what *we* think we need to get to where *we* want to go. 

Us. We. Our. Me. I. 

Let’s shift and instead ask God what *He* wants to do in us this year. 

Let’s acknowledge that we are nothing without Him and it is His grace and empowerment that will carry out His purposes this year. 

Let’s ask Him where He wants us to go. 

Let’s trust Him that He *is* able to lead us!  

“Lord, this year, I ask You to give me more revelations of You. I ask You to give me the things that You most desire to give me. I ask You to lead me where You want me to go. I desire to serve You and love You more. I want to finish this year closer to you than I am today, giving glory to You and resting in Your peace and joy no matter what the year holds. Because I know that if I am held by You, then it does not matter what the year holds. I ask this in Jesus’ name, Amen!

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