Jesus – our burden-bearer

I was led to Psalm 68 this morning, and when I got down to verse 19, I wondered…

I went and looked at the verse in, and sure enough, it was there again. The name of Jesus in the Old Testament.

This is probably a familiar verse to many of you, but maybe you never saw this before either. Psalm 68:19 says this:

“Blessed be the Lord who daily bears our burdens;
God is our salvation.”

In the Hebrew, it’s seven words.

Bāraḵ – meaning “Blessed”
Adonai – A name for God
yôm yôm – daily, repeated twice to emphasize that it’s really DAILY, over and over and over again.
ʿāmas – bears our burdens
El – used as the title for a god. Like Mr ___, President ___. It’s God/god ___
Yeshua – Jesus, which means ‘my salvation’ (which is why it’s usually translated that way in the Old Testament).

So another way of saying it could be like this:

Blessed be God who bears my burdens over and over again – God who is Jesus.

I immediately thought of another verse in the Bible, but one that Jesus spoke. I never realized that His statement in Matthew was referencing a prophecy about Him. He said this:

Come to Me, all you who are weary and weighed down with heavy burdens, and I will give you rest. – Matt 11:28

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