We are DESTINED to face the impossible

Have you ever faced a situation that looked impossible? 

Are you facing one right now? 

I’d like to ask you a few questions:
Do you know what it means to be “in Christ“? 

Do you understand what authority really is?

Do you understand how powerful words are? Both God’s words and your words?
Are you trusting Him to save you only from hell when you die? Or are You trusting Him with every situation that you come up against in life?

Are you willing to trust that He knows better than you do what is good for your life?

Are you willing to trust His directions and obey what He asks You to do, no matter the cost, in every moment of your life? (I’m not asking if you know in your head what He wants you to do in every moment of your life. You won’t.)

Do you believe that God orders your steps… that He has a path and a plan for your life and He is capable of leading you along that path even when you’re not sure what it is? 

If you are not able to answer an enthusiastic, “Yes” to all of those questions, then I encourage you to bring these questions to God and pray, “Lord God, I want to serve you completely. Here is an area that I want to trust You more. This is something I want to understand about walking with You. I know I cannot change myself and I cannot understand the things of Your Spirit with my mind, so I’m asking Your Spirit to open the eyes of my heart so that my spirit can understand the truths that You want me to understand. I am Your servant and I want to serve You wholeheartedly and walk the path You have destined for me.” 
Why is it important for us to know all those things?  Because… 
We are destined to face the impossible.
But not so it can defeat us. 
And also not so we can fight it. (At least not in the ways that we are naturally inclined to fight.)
It’s all about what God wants to do in the earth and about His constant search for willing people. 
We have to think back to when God first created humans. He said, “I have given you the dominion (authority) over the earth.” 
When Adam sinned, he gave the devil permission to work on the earth, and the Bible talks about how we became slaves of sin
But Jesus set us free! Jesus, who came to earth as a human, made it possible for humans to once again walk in the power and authority on the earth that God originally gave Adam.
But here’s the thing… the devil, for a time, is still active… still twisting things and lying and trying to deceive people left and right, for sin continues to give him permission. 
This is why it is so important that we truly understand that we are free from the power of sin

Only those of us who are “in Christ” have the victory that is necessary to exercise the dominion and authority that God intended for humans to have all along.
But part of this victory is the humility of knowing that God’s wisdom is far beyond ours and therefore His ways are far better than ours. A person who tries to walk in the dominion and authority of Jesus without submitting their heart and life to Him is in reality sinning (pride) and giving the devil more opportunity to work. We don’t want to go there! 
God is always looking for people willing to submit themselves to His authority and His ways… and then to walk in the authority He gave them here on earth. 
This is why, in Isaiah, God said, “Who will go for us? Who can we send?”
All the way through the Bible, from that point when He gave Adam dominion and on until the end of Revelation, everything God did was first declared through a human. His power is released through His voice, and He releases His power on earth through the voice of whomever is willing to be His mouthpiece. He does it this way because He gave humans dominion. 
This is why, when Jesus taught the disciples to pray, He included for them to pray that God’s will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Because the only way that His good and perfect will can happen here on earth is when His people are abiding in Christ and are praying exactly that… speaking forth His will here on earth! 
What does this have to do with impossible situations?
Simply this. 
God loves everyone in the entire world. He loves both those of us who have submitted our hearts and lives to Him and those who haven’t. So when those who are still lost and living without Him are stuck in impossible situations, His way of moving into that situation is to take one of His own – one of us – into that impossible situation… so that we can listen for His direction, be one with His heart, speak His specific Word for that impossible situation, and release His power… so that the “impossible” situation will change!  Because He is the God of the impossible!  
And as my brother put it, He likes to stack the deck against Himself. He’ll often let every other human possibility disappear until the situation looks thoroughly and completely impossible… and then one of His servants speaks His Word and the miracle happens.  
He purposefully led the Israelites to a place where they’d be trapped between the water and the most powerful army on earth… and then Moses spoke His Words, telling the Israelites to stand and see how God would deliver them.
He whittled Gideon’s army of 22,000 down to only 300 men (against thousands) and then told them that those 300 weren’t even allowed to fight! And then Gideon declared the Word of the Lord and God delivered them. 
He led Paul to an island where he would minister to many… and how did He do it? By leading Paul directly into a series of impossible situations, starting with a violent storm and a sinking ship. But He gave Paul the Words to speak, to release His power in the method He chose… not to save the ship, but to save to the people, both the lives of the men on the ship and to minister to many on the island who would not hear about Him otherwise. If God had saved the ship, they would have sailed on and all those people on shore would not have had a chance to hear Paul preach! 
Do you see? 
When we walk with God, we are destined to walk into impossible situations! This world is full of impossible situations, and God is still saying, “Who can I send into this impossible situation? Who knows My heart and is willing to speak My words, trusting My wisdom more than their own? Who is willing to believe that My method of doing the impossible is really the best way? Who is willing to sail into impossible situations and care more about the people than the ship?”
What about it? Are you willing to join me in praying as Isaiah did, “Lord, here I am. Send me. I want Your will more than my will, and I am willing to speak Your Word so that Your will is done here on Earth as it is in Heaven.”
The next time you’re facing an impossible situation, are you willing to say to fear, “Not today!” Are you willing to say to the God of the impossible, “Okay, Lord, here’s the next adventure! You have a plan and I trust You! How do You want me to pray?”

Battle Belongs
Phil Wickham

When all I see is the battle You see my victory When all I see is the mountain You see a mountain moved And as I walk through the shadow Your love surrounds me There’s nothing to fear now For I am safe with You So when I fight I’ll fight on my knees With my hands lifted high Oh God the battle belongs to You And every fear I lay at Your feet I’ll sing through the night Oh God the battle belongs to You And if You are for me Who can be against me (yeah) For Jesus there’s nothing Impossible for You When all I see are the ashes You see the beauty (thank You God) When all I see is a cross God You see the empty tomb So when I fight I’ll fight on my knees With my hands lifted high Oh God the battle belongs to You And every fear I lay at Your feet I’ll sing through the night Oh God the battle belongs to You Almighty Fortress You go before us Nothing can stand against The power of our God You shine in the shadow You win every battle Nothing can stand against The power of our God (repeat) So when I fight I’ll fight on my knees With my hands lifted high Oh God the battle belongs to You And every fear I lay at Your feet I’ll sing through the night Oh God the battle belongs to You Oh God the battle belongs to You

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