The fog can be a beautiful blessing

Today’s beautifully foggy view from my window is a reminder from God that it’s okay not to see too far. That the view is often more beautiful when we can’t see into the distance. And that’s okay. We are often called to focus on the things that are within our sphere of influence. Focus on Him and discover what He has called us to do in our ‘here and now.’

Often when we try to look into the distance and further out in our world, we can be more easily deceived into thinking that we know and understand more than we actually do. We can also easily become distracted from what He has called us to do. We can get confused as to which battles we are called to fight and which we need to leave to others whom He has called. We do not need to worry about the things that He is calling others to do. He is our commander and chief, the leader of Heaven’s armies, and the head of his body. We can trust His leading!

He will clarify the things in front of us that He wants us to see. But sometimes the fog is a beautiful blessing. 

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