Worship & Warfare: When the going gets tough and my strength’s not enough

I woke up with this song running through me this morning. I feel like there are probably a lot of people out there who are feeling really weak. They’re reading the scripture verses and encouraging strong messages that many of us are posting on Facebook and blogs and articles… and meanwhile they’re just exhausted and tired.

If that’s you, I want you to know that it’s okay to feel tired and exhausted. It’s okay to curl up on your bed and cry at what’s been lost like I did last Saturday. Trusting God isn’t about never getting tired and feeling weak. The Bible says when we are weak, He is strong. Hiding in the shelter of the Most High means that sometimes you are looking out and marveling at how much peace and joy you still have. But sometimes you’re looking out and grieving over the pain and suffering that you can see. God grieves with us. Jesus wept when Lazarus died, even though He knew He was about to raise him. He knew that Mary and Martha and others were currently suffering, and He grieved with them. Jesus said that the Holy Spirit would be our Comforter, which means we will surely need comforting!

I believe all of us are going to go through cycles where we cry, and we curl up on God’s lap and lay our head on His shoulder, and He comforts us, and we find strength there that is beyond anything we’ve found before. Then He will lift us up and show us how to draw on His strength even more, and we’ll dance in joy at what He’s shown us. This is what walking with Jesus is like. Life still has ups and downs, but it’s totally different when you know the God of the universe is holding you and caring for you and teaching you things and strengthening you and comforting you and leading you even when you’re not sure what in the world is going on.

If you are really struggling right now, take a deep breath, whisper, “God help me please. I know You are there and Your promises can’t fail. I’m helpless here.” Then listen to this song, and just reach out for Him. Call upon the name of Jesus. He is there, He is real, and He loves you.

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