A Post-Election Prayer for a very divided nation

Fellow Americans,

Today, two men will meet. Two men who are deeply unpopular and who face high disapproval ratings. They come together from different backgrounds, races, experiences, and beliefs to begin to work together on behalf of our nation.

Let us pray for them today, that God will give both humility and wisdom and enable both to make the good of the country their priority.

Let us, a people divided between Democrats and Republicans and Independents, a people divided between races, a people divided in so many ways, join in unity and humility to pray for them, that they would also meet in humility and unity and be given wisdom in how to unify our people.

“Heavenly Father, we acknowledge that You are holy and just, and You do all things well, even when we do not understand. Again we pray that Your kingdom would come upon this earth and Your will be done in our nation.

Enable us by your grace to forgive anything we may be holding against President Obama and President-elect Trump and their supporters, as You forgive our sins. Help us and them to stay humble and to seek Your will and Your ways which are so much higher than ours.

You said that You give wisdom to those who ask, so we ask on behalf of them, that You would indeed give them wisdom beyond their experiences and earthly knowledge. Give both of them Your words to speak to our people, knowing that only You can heal our land.

Help us and them, Father God, to avoid the temptations of pride, of bitterness, and of selfishness. Help us to avoid the sin of not trusting You, for we know that You alone are worthy of our trust. So in You we WILL trust.

We place our today, our lives, and our nation in Your hands, and we will give You – not our party or any man – the glory for good things that You have done in the past, the good things You will do today, and the good things that You will do in the future. For even in the difficult times, You are always good and doing good things. We give You our praise, because You do all things well.

I pray this in Jesus’ name, Amen!”

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