Our understanding vs. His and which one is worth relying on

I wanted to share what I received this morning from my four verses in Proverbs. (See yesterday’s post.)  /// 

This is what the first two of today’s verses in Proverbs were this morning:

Proverbs 3:

5 Trust in the Lord with all your heart,
And do not lean on your own understanding,

I’ve known that verse all my life, I think, but for some reason I realized anew this morning that it’s warning us that our own understanding will be telling us something contrary to what trusting in the Lord will require. It’s not going to “make sense” to trust the Lord. Why else would the two be presented as opposites? /// 

And “Leaning on” means “trusting”, right? What if we switched them?                                

Lean on the Lord with all your heart,
And do not trust in your own understanding.

That sort of makes the verse sink it a little more, I think!

The second verse is, I think, confirming how we know that God is involved… that He’s not standing back away from our circumstances. Obviously, it would be worthless to trust someone who wasn’t involved, right?

6 In all your ways acknowledge Him,
And He will make your paths straight.

But it says that if we are acknowledging Him, then He has promised to “make our path straight.” Acknowledging Him is giving Him the glory and lordship of your life. Remember, verse 5 referred to Him as “Lord.”

It’s more than just saying, “Yeah, that’s God up there. I’m acknowledging His existence.” It’s acknowledging that He is Lord – Master – of Your life. If I’ve done that, then He’s promised to step in constantly and repeatedly and graciously and faithfully and make my path straight!

In other words, my making Him my Lord makes Him actively involved in my life and circumstances, in the same way that a servant moving from the home of a bad master to a good master makes that good master actively involved in that servant’s life and circumstances.

Thus, I can trust Him completely instead of trusting my understanding of how things are going and what the outcome looks like it would be if my own understanding was reliable.

I hope that blesses someone else other than me!

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