In the falling apart moments…

I read an article this morning that a few Christian friends shared on Facebook. These few don’t share much, but when they do it, it’s always worth checking out, so I did.

Please read it. It’s a story, and not a long one.  And worth it.           >>>

<<<               Okay… now that you’ve read it…                                                                                                                       
What are you thinking right now?

Me… I’m thinking of my fellow Christians. What if we took it one step farther?

What if, instead of simply stopping our judgment and keeping our mouth shut, we can instead stop our judgement and let the Holy Spirit fill out mouths?

What if, in each situation that we are tempted to judge… maybe, if we ask the Holy Spirit, He would give us powerful words of encouragement that we can speak and offer instead of those judgmental thoughts that we all know go through our head initially?

Can we show others that there’s a different kind of Christian… a kind who loves and cares and is more likely to give grace than anything else?

I have the feeling that God is just waiting for us to be willing…

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