Another morning’s grace…

God is so good. ///

I woke up to an automated phone call that Col. Crawford schools (and their busses) were on a 2-hour delay. 

It added to the already-overwhelmed feeling I’ve been fighting this week. For those that don’t know… my kids ride the Col. Crawford bus to the local school, then board Col. Crawford’s Pioneer bus to get to Pioneer. ///

Pioneer, of course, is NOT on a two hour delay… which means that my kids are excused from their first two classes if they can’t make it to school, but Kayla had a lab and was worried that it would be harder for her to understand the unit if she missed it. I could take them all the way up to Pioneer… but that means an hour lost at work.
As I was in the shower, I thought of seeing if they could ride the Crestline Pioneer bus, though, since that would mean only a 6-7 minute drive for me. So…. I looked up where the Crestline high school was, we jumped in the car, and after a wrong turn or two, we found a school. I wasn’t sure if it was the elementary school or the high school, but there were two busses in front. So Kayla got out to ask the driver of the nearest one where the Pioneer bus was. 

She came back a moment later. “That’s their Pioneer bus, and he says we can ride it to Pioneer.”

As I drove away, I marveled that God had once again worked things out. This is His grace. In a practical way. In my life. He led us directly to the right bus at the perfect time. 

How can I keep from singing His praises?

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