Where the harvest is…

As a continuation of my earlier post this week

This morning on klove, they asked a caller what he did for a living. He said he’d been an EMT for 27 years.

The DJs commented how he’s probably around a lot of death, and they asked if he’s ever had an opportunity to lead people to the Lord.

He said he is able to do it all the time! He said loves seeing the peace come over them.

Then they asked about what his partners have thought, and he said, “Well, my current partner just got saved a few weeks back. So the back of our ambulance is where both of us minister now!”

I wonder how many other missionaries God has placed in ambulances and emergency rooms around the nation?

And I wonder how many of the rest of us plant seeds and water them without even knowing that God’s got an EMT poised to harvest that fruit at the perfect moment.

Are we willing, ready, and able?

Are we content to trust, even when we don’t get to see the harvest?

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