Only God…

Sometimes something happens in life, and I look back and find that I can only stand in awe at how God works things so perfectly.

Two weeks ago, I thought I knew what lied ahead for the next several years. I thought I knew why God had led us to buy a house in this exact location. I thought I knew what schooling my kids would finish high school with (though I’ve always said we’ll re-evaluate every year). And now, two short weeks later…

Wow. There are some things that only God can do. /// 

I can’t help comparing life to a puzzle.

Have you ever worked on a large puzzle with someone else? We used to do lots of puzzles growing up, and we always followed the same routine. First we’d take out all the edges and corners and put them together, to give ourselves an outline of the puzzle.  Then we’d split the puzzle up. Someone would take all the house pieces, and someone else would take the road pieces, and someone else would do the sky. And once each of us had a big enough section put together, we’d lift them into the outline and settle them into their places.

Sometimes we’d discover that our sections still had gaps between them, and we’d have to search through the piles still sitting around the edge of the table to fit our sections together.

But sometimes we’d discover that this section and that section were as complete as they could get without each other. I’d settle my section into place and realize that the whole reason I couldn’t find any more pieces to fit onto the left side of my section, was because those pieces were already on the right side of my sister’s section. 
How is it that God can do the same thing with the lives of hundreds of people?  Each with a free will, no less!  
I look back at these last two weeks, and I marvel at how I was led. It seems almost like a dream, for I found myself looking things up and discovering and asking questions that I never planned to ask.
And now I see that this section of the puzzle that I thought was a picture of 6th-12th grade for my kids… wasn’t.
Right around the corner, God had been working for over 50 years to fit together the visions of dozens (if not hundreds) of other people — state laws — funding — investments by local companies — desires in people’s hearts — and tons more. A school like this one one I “found” is the result of a long and complicated process.
God placed us here, in the perfect place and perfect position without us even knowing it. 
And then He dropped into place the bridge between our current section of the puzzle and two more that He’d been preparing for my two kids.  Even the timing couldn’t have been more perfect!  Four days earlier, and instead of a private tour of the school where we could ask the questions unique to our situation, we’d have been part of 700 kids crowding the place. One week later, and it would have been past their guaranteed enrollment time period. 
How perfect is God!

A few days ago, someone posted a quote on Facebook that just seems to sum it up perfectly.

The Bible never once says “figure it out.” 
But over and over again it says, “Trust God,” 
because He already has it figured out.

Commit your works to the Lord
And your plans will be established.

-Proverbs 16:3

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