Blog Update

Just a quick note…

After six years of blogging (gosh! I didn’t realize it has been that long)… I have actually redesigned this blog! As you can see, I’ve still kept my butterflies, for I love how they symbolize new life and transformation from something the world generally sees as ugly into something beautiful.

The layout is a bit different, though. I hope it’s a little easier to navigate the different sections of the site. The menu links at the top have drop-down menus, which will jump to categories of blog posts. This will make it easier for people wanting to follow Compassion Blogger tours (or avoid them) and/or other types of posts to do so.

It also lets you read snippets from the last five posts from the home page.

I’ve still got a few things left to do: I still need to figure out how to standardize the image sizes, the “boxes” might change from time-to-time as I want to highlight or share different things, and there are a few other little things I still want to tweak.

The main layout changes are done, however, so if you happen to find something that’s not working on your browser, I’d really appreciate if you let me know! A comment will work fine, or you can use the email link on the “About” page. Thank you to all those who read and share!

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