God’s faithfulness in the little things…

Have I mentioned lately how faithful and incredibly awesome God is? Even in the little things? You know… little things like the 1000 gifts that take too much time to keep counting because they just keep coming and coming and coming faster than I can stop and write them down. (Though never too fast to send up praise for!)

I’ve got a little story this morning.

Yesterday morning my daughter asked me when I was going to put buttons on a project I had started for her (and never finished). It only took me a few minutes to realize that I had no idea where I’d put the buttons. I wasn’t too worried, though. After all, it was Sunday morning, and I hadn’t been awake all that long. Surely once I put my mind to it and really thought and looked, I’d figure out where I’d stashed them.

We left for church, and the buttons completely fled my mind.

Later yesterday afternoon, my husband and I decided to tackle the overgrown mess that had (rather embarrassingly so) grown to epic proportions in our catch-all of a bedroom. A little ways into it, I gathered up some jewelry beads that I’d left laying on my bedside table weeks ago. Now maybe it hadn’t been too lazy of me to put them there the night that I’d discovered they were still around my neck as I was drifting off to sleep. But it was lazy of me to leave them there for weeks, and I knew it. In fact, I’d known it every time I noticed them there.

So yesterday, as I finally did what I should have done weeks ago and gathered up the beads, I discovered the rather unsurprising fact that one was missing. I grabbed a flashlight and searched the carpet and under the bed, but no bead was to be found. I sighed and gave it up for lost, assuming that I’d unknowingly vacuumed it up a few days earlier.  At least these were only craft-store quality beads worth a few dollars!

A few minutes later, though, it occurred to me that perhaps it had fallen in the trash can that stays at the side of the bed. (The trash can that my lazy-here-too self hadn’t emptied in a very long time, by the way.) So I took everything out, bit by bit…

…Only find my daughter’s buttons in the bottom of the trash can! I pulled them out, wondering two things simultaneously. First, how in the world had I wound up throwing them away? And second, had God had allowed me to lose the bead specifically so I’d find the buttons? But that second question led to a third. Lord, thank You for these buttons…but if You allowed me to lose the bead so I’d find them, then will You now show me where the bead is?

I gathered the trash back up to put it all in the trash can…

And there, the second to last thing waiting to be picked back up, was the bead.

I laughed in delight. How like my heavenly Father this was! That He would care enough about my daughter’s buttons and my $2 bead that He would orchestrate all of that!

Even before I’d thought to ask Him for the buttons.

Just to restore what I didn’t even know was about to be permanently lost.

Even though it was all a result of my laziness!

There is truly no one like my God!

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