Seeing into the spiritual…

I posted this on facebook a few days ago, but I want to share it here, too.

Do you ever wonder what you’d see, if you could see into the spiritual?

This is what happened at one of the many accidents on the bridges over 30 tonight.

I was headed toward the 598/30 bridge when I saw an oncoming car flash its lights (probably God), and a second later I realized that the bridge was probably icey (Probably also God) and I started slowing down. Then I prayed as I watched an oncoming pickup slide into my lane…and the truck in front of me hit it… and the oncoming pickup spin across the bridge. 10 seconds later, I was again praying as a second oncoming car slid across the bridge, narrowly missing the first truck…hitting the second. And I was still praying as the car spun toward my car, missing it by a few feet.

A few minutes later, I learned that there was a baby in the backseat where the last car had hit the first, but this infant was safe because the damage was minor (though it was still enough to send the car spinning).

A few minutes after that, I received the privilege of praying with a stranger who welcomed it and of telling her that I had been praying for her as she came across the bridge.

I wish I could see what all those prayers did. Did God only save my car by timing my crossing so I’d see the warning of the flashing lights? Or did He save my life? And did He orchestrate my timing so I was there, praying the other three cars through what could have been so much worse?

I believe He did, for God leaves nothing to chance…

3 thoughts on “Seeing into the spiritual…”

  1. Wonderful post!! I truly believe it was God – He is with us, always. The other day, I forgot my lunch, was almost out of gas & was thinking about what I would do. When I got to my desk, my boss had bought me 2 pieces of pizza & put a $5 scratch off ticket on my chair!! I hadn't mentioned any of my thoughts to her! It was God. I smiled about that all day 🙂

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