Worship is…

It’s late at night, and I’ve been sitting here in the dark for over two hours, fighting a sinus infection and worshiping in various ways. You see…last Sunday once again fanned the flames of the hunger for worship in my heart.

I was only a teenager when I first experienced God’s presence in worship…and it marked me for life. I have never been the same since that day. I am constantly hungering for more of it. Granted, the desire ebbs and flows, but every time I go to church…every time we have practice…there’s that hope inside of me that maybe this time God will really show up again…or that He’ll manifest Himself more than last time…maybe even more than the most I’ve ever experienced, for I know there’s always more. Always more.

But even if He doesn’t manifest His presence, even being there on the fringes is worth it. It’s worth anything and everything on earth.

I’m adding a series of videos to my Must Watch page. This is Darlene Zcheche, and here, she talks about three things:
1) What is worship?
2) The power of worship
3) How do I begin my journey as a truthful worshiper?

Should you watch it? I’ll let you answer that question for yourself. Would you answer “yes” to any of these questions?

— Do you feel like you don’t “get” what worship is all about?
— Do you feel like singing in church is a waste of time?
— Do you want to know what the Bible says about worship?
— Do you want to experience in worship what you’ve heard others talk about?
— Have you rejected the worship experience as being false because you’ve (rightly) seen people pretending?
— Do you find yourself wishing you knew what to do when life gets tough?

Or maybe…
— Do you love worship but sometimes have a hard time explaining to people why?

Be blessed:

My favorite quote:

Worship is the inevitable result of the created catching a glimpse of the reality of the Creator…and then responding.

1 thought on “Worship is…”

  1. Dear Katie,
    The month of September has been a defining month for me, sifting me, shaking… and all for a good purpose, that only what is essential will remain.

    That on this sacred journey I am on, nothing will hinder me as the climb requires a fresh determination from me.

    This I sense is what God is doing to the endtime church – refining her.

    Refining… I just love that word. And what's more, worship refines us, and defines us.

    Removes the dross, exposes the dirt… and brings us closer to the throne.

    I love this post and for the new season you are in. Yes we are on the same upward path.

    Definitely I will watch the videos you posted. As you read through my August and September posts you will be aware of some personal lessons God is teaching. In time, I can share with you, probably even on my blog, the real story.

    Much love to you,

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