What keeps us from knowing God…

I have two videos to share today.

I know many don’t have time to watch videos…yet these two, together, strike something deep within my heart. I long to know God…and because the very little I do know of Him is so indescribably awesome and life-changing, I long for others to know Him as well, for He is the only thing that satisfies the longings of our soul.

Yet we get in our own way of discovering it.

These videos are both of Francis Chan sharing. Some of you may know more about him than I do…but frankly, that matters little to me. What does matter to me is that every word that he speaks in these two videos echoes what is in my own heart.

This first video is similar to what I’ve posted before, using space and the solar system to prove the smallness of us and the bigness of God. But instead of talking about the size of the stars, he powerfully introduces us to the size of our solar system…our galaxy…our ‘little’ corner of space.

As Psalm 19 says, “The heavens declare the glory of God.”

Watch this only if you want to be impressed by how big God is.

Now that you know how big He is…

This second message has very little about erasing hell and/or the book he wrote by that name, compared to what it says about our arrogance and how great it is. (Skip the last minute of the video of you don’t want to hear him ask for prayer as he writes the book.)

Some humans use the same arguments to not believe in God that we Christians use to not believe the difficult things in His Word.

I love Francis’s heart in this…for as he points out, Psalm 25:9 says that the Lord shows Himself to the humble. I think we all need to dare to face what he’s talking about here, if we want to truly know Him.

Does anyone want to share their thoughts?

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  1. I came by to thank you for visiting my blog place… and to let you know I scrolled down a bit to read up on your past posts.

    Thanks for posting about Compassion, Philippines.

    The posts on the blog you mentioned puts a lot of things in perspective.

    Live Simply… I saw that necklace featured on the Compassion Blogger's site…

    It says a lot, with just two words!

    Love to you

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