A house made by Compassion…

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A House made by compassion…

I kept my hotel key in my pocket all day today. At first it wasn’t on purpose, just a convenient place to keep it after eating breakfast. Later, as we sat listening to the children sing at the Child Sponsorship Development Program about an hour away from our hotel, I noticed the outline of my keycard in my pants. I started to take it out and put it in my backpack, but something stopped me, and so I left it.

Five hours later, I was on a boat with one of our Compassion trip leaders in a more rural area than yesterday. It was a boat made of styrofoam, fastened together with boards between. It was big enough for three of us to sit on (very carefully) and one person to push in the back, standing with a bamboo stick. It was the only way to get from the road to Emily’s house. I thought it couldn’t get worse than Rose Ann’s house in the city yesterday. Turns out, it kind of can. If you add water.

As Emily continues…going there and reading this isn’t about guilt. It’s about hope.

Go see for yourself…

Is this a sudden flood to have done this to their home? Well…actually…water in the home is normal for 9 months of the year. As in mothers-wear-rubber-boots-while-they-cook. But this is all they can afford. Yet, there is joy and laughter. And there is hope. And a mama over there and a mama from here share common hopes and dreams for their pretty daughters.

Go meet these precious people…

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