Always a place for gifts…

I’m one of the artistic type of people. I love to make things beautiful…with fabric…with a piano or keyboard-that-places-an-orchestra-at-my-fingertips…with words…with a mouse and screen and vectors and colors…with website coding.

But so often, I wonder how God can really use art. It often seems so very unpractical and unnecessary in the grander scheme of things…even though I know that these things I love to do stem from a gift He’s given me.

Maybe that’s why this photo post from Keely blessed me so much…

A Melody to God. . .

As we were doing the normal “tour the Compassion Development Center” this morning I couldn’t help but notice all the bright colors covering the walls.

Some filled with writing, some with diagrams. . . but every wall was Art.

We walked into a room that had a handful of beautifully painted canvases displayed on the shelves. . .I was in awe and quickly knew someone at the project had talent and sees talent.



Admiring the art I asked one of the project staff members who the art teacher was. . .I had to meet them!

With a big smile they said “Our director Susan, she is an artist.”

Go meet Susan and see how God is using her gift to heal…

Or if you’d like to see more photos from a photo blogger along for the trip:

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