Gifts amidst the struggles…

How is it that a month can be both wonderful and difficult? These past four weeks seem like that, to me. On one hand, they’ve been rough. I haven’t received much revelation, and to me, that alone makes life feel rough. Yet there have been so many wonderful moments, and so many blessings, and so much happiness as well.

This morning, I simply want to do another Gratitude Monday post. Because praise is simply what I need and want to do right now.

659. This word from the Lord on a friend’s blog, which is encouragement perfect for me.

“What is yours is reserved for you. I won’t allow anyone to have what is reserved for you. It is yours. Sow to My Spirit and witness My moves, and developments.

660. Signs of spring, after a very long winter

661. Fun times with friends and family this week, and grace when the times were less than fun

662. My husband, who is definitely not perfect, yet still God’s perfect plan for me, because even in the middle of an argument, he can still look me in the eye and say that I am the love of his life and the perfect woman for him

663. Grace in the struggles

664. Beauty in the midst of uncertainty

665. Peace like a river that tends my soul

666. God’s whispers that sneak into my heart in surprising moments, like those carried on the gentle music in a restaurant yesterday

667. ThatI can rely on God to provide time, just as surely as He has always provided finances
Colossians 2:10 – “He is before all things, and in Him all things hold together.” Even me. I am held together in Him.

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