Progress in Haiti…

This is just a little note:

The news, lately, has been full of reminders of Haiti and the devastation wrought my last January’s earthquake. As usual, there’s also a decent amount of finger-pointing and blaming and accusations regarding how money was spent and how not enough was done, etc. The devil is working to discourage anyone and everyone, definitely!

And so I found it quite wonderful to read Compassion‘s status report on what they’ve done over the past year in Haiti. You can download the report, if you’d like, or read more information in recent posts on their blog. You can even read the story of Elissaint, who was once a Compassion-sponsored child, but now, at 37 years of age, is Haiti’s Disaster Response Coordinator.

But one of the highlights, for me, was this statistic:

Out of the roughly 23,000 children who were already being sponsored and ministered to through Compassion International, fewer than 100 are left unaccounted for. !!!! That, to me, is astounding. When you have that many who died…that kind of massive upheaval on every level of society…I can well believe that the tireless efforts to locate twenty three thousand children went well beyond the brief mention that Compassion describes.

I am encouraged to read how God’s people have proven themselves not only compassionate, but accountable in the face of temptations and struggles and difficulties that follow disasters. And I’d like to encourage all of us to remember, next time there is a disaster, that the money we want to give can be channeled through our brothers and sisters in Christ as God empowers them to do the impossible.

It’s good to know I am in partnership with a group of people like Compassion.

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