Halfway to 1000…

holy experience

I’m half-way to counting 1000 gifts! The 11 that today’s Multitude Monday brings me are:

490. That the rest of my 10 Compassion kids got sponsors

491. The gorgeous colors on the tree across the street

492. Finally getting to know our neighbors, and

493. Discovering that they have girls the same ages as ours

494. The week off work my husband had

495. The door we needed that God provided at bargain prices,

496. The grace to get it installed, and

497. The help God sent at the perfect time for that final adjustment we didn’t know the door

498. The last of the peppers coming off in the garden

499. And the last of the tomatoes

500. And the 36 pints of salsa I’ll have gotten out of them by the time I’m done

God is so good…even when I am not. Which, I suppose, should be 501 for today…

1 thought on “Halfway to 1000…”

  1. I like these lists of things to be thankful for Katie! It's such a beautiful reminder…I like to try to focus on all that God has don for me too when I start to feel anxious about things, it helps.:)
    Have a blessed October!

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