Extravagant wealth, disguised poverty…

I don’t do this often, but if you are a person, like me, who desires to know the heart of God…

read this. (Don’t worry, this is just the recent personal experiences of a farm wife “nobody.”)

Do you find yourself asking what you can really do that matters? That makes a difference?

Well…if you are reading these words now, and possess a keyboard, or a pen and paper and a 44-cent stamp once/month, you can do this.

Join me?

(I’m still counting the gifts

448. Smiles on children in Guatemala City

449. This man ministering in a shantytown whose life has reached across the Internet to minister to me.

450. More cracks in the hardness of my heart

451. The promise of hope that has been given to me to share

452. Eyes to see true poverty around me, and…

453. Grace that meets it, slowly beginning to flow through me, and…

454. The healing of poverty in my own soul that is happening at the same time. )

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