I just realized that this is post number 101! I guess I’ve been blogging here for…let’s see…four years now. Wow. And I wasn’t sure how much I’d do with this. It was sort of an experiment.

Experiment successful. (I think.)

Today’s Multitude Monday doesn’t quite pack the punch of last week’s two revelations, and yet each gift from my King is worth counting, and so I continue my list with…

207. The word He spoke into my heart last week

208. Lawn mowers that work

209. Gas for the lawn mower that doesn’t cost $4/gallon like it did last year

210. The fence that now allows our dogs to run

211. The peace He gave my daughter at her first violin recital yesterday

212. The video camera to capture the whole thing that I didn’t take because I forgot we had it

213. The new camera that was able to take this tiny snippet, at least, of her perfect performance.

214. Flyswatters (Don’t laugh. In farm country, these things are indispensable!)

215. Onion bagels and cream cheese

216. And dentist skill that stops cavities from becoming worse.

holy experience

Want to join me and the many others in the gift discovery?

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