Easter thankfulness…

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As most of you know, Monday is the day when I (and many others) pause our lives to stop and be thankful for the many gifts God has given us. Our goal is to reach 1000 gifts, and see what we discover–about ourselves and God–along the way.

Yesterday, of course, was Easter–or Resurrection Sunday as many Christians prefer to call it. And Jesus’ sacrifice of His life–the Father’s sacrifice of His Son–was, of course, the greatest gift ever given in the history of mankind. I think that, this morning, I’d like to see how many small things that we received as part of that most magnificent gift. Things that, perhaps, I all-too-often miss as I’m looking at the greatness of the sacrifice.

140. Each thorn He bore and each score of a whip that He took on my behalf

141. The mocking that He quietly endured for me.

142. Pilate’s divinely inspired statement that Jesus is, indeed, the King of the Jews

143. That He asked God to forgive mankind for what they were doing. If He had held it against even one the men that day, His sacrifice would no longer have been sinless, and salvation would not be available to me.

144. “It is finished,” for that is so much more powerful than “It is Begun” would have been.

145. The power that brought Jesus to life, for it came from no where else and no one else. His resurrection was nothing more than the simple truth that death had no power over Him.

146. That His death is something that I am allowed to claim as my own…without having to experience the excruciating pain He went through.

147. That because I claim His death, I can also claim His resurrection as my own. It’s hard to comprehend it, that power in my life. Jesus’s whole life was one demonstration of power after another. Power over temptation. Power over sin. Power over sickness. Power over lies. Power over nature. Power over those who sought to kill Him before the appointed time. Power over demons. Power over death. Power over everything except men’s hearts, for God leaves control of that to us. But when I give Him my heart, He releases that power upon my life, changing me in ways indescribable and unfathomable. Why do I ever doubt that He can change me?

148. That His death and resurrection was the perfect fulfillment of prophecy, not a sort-of-kind-of kind of thing.

149. The angels that God sent to explain where Jesus had gone. I’m so glad He didn’t leave the women and disciples to figure everything out on their own! Otherwise I’d be worried that He expects me to.

150. That He appeared to so many, for so long after His resurrection, that many were left as witnesses to tell about His resurrection as the reality that it was.

151. The scars He still bore even after His resurrection.

152. That His death, resurrection, and ascension paved the way for the Holy Spirit.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your joyful list. I often think of the thorns piercing His sacred head; the physical pain He endured for me, not to mention the weight of my sins…much food for thought.

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