An amazing weekend…

I’m doing Multitude Monday…on Tuesday…because I spent the last three days on an amazing weekend getaway with my wonderful husband and I didn’t have Internet in the car yesterday.

Consequently, yesterday’s today’s list is going to not only going to include the wonderful gifts of God, it’s also going to show the adventuresome side of me which isn’t interested in the vast majority of resort locations, and would much rather spend a second honeymoon with my husband enjoying these gifts:

172. The money to finally get away for the weekend by ourselves, which we’ve been wanting since our 10th anniversary almost 5 years ago.

173. Roadtrips and

174. reliable vehicles to take them in and

175. laughter to match the miles and

176. a husband who would rather take a roadtrip with me than anyone else.

177. Twisting roads through the mountains and…

176. redbud trees blooming along the roads in glorious splendor

177. and new views over each new ridge.

178. That our government buys and preserves wonderful outdoor wonderlands like Blackwater Falls State Park.

179. The amazing miracle that causes this…

180. to turn into this…

181. and this…

182. and this…

183. and this.

184. For health and legs and hours that allow boulder-hopping…

and climbing boulders that make me wish I could go back in time and watch as these boulders were put into their amazing positions.

185. and exploring that magical place above a waterfall where the water just drops off into space.

186. Parks that let you stand at the top of waterfalls…

187. and cliffs on top of mountains…

188. and cameras to take pictures when you’re standing up there.

189. And the energy to make it back up the mountain side that all those waterfalls are tumbling down, since the waterfalls lured you to the bottom, and your car is parked at the top.

190. Nights in charming historic inns and beautiful hotels

191. Family that I haven’t seen in years, gathered for a dear cousin’s wedding (even if the light is so low that the pictures come out a charming variety of blurry.)

192. Happy hours on the roadtrip home

193. And children who are a joy to come home to, to share pictures of the trip with, and to dream about taking with us next time.

2 thoughts on “An amazing weekend…”

  1. Oh dear dear Katie…I have not been able to visit blogs much (as always), but today I decided I'd drop by your place and pay you a visit!

    What I would have missed if I hadn't seen this post with all its lovely pictures, the redbuds, the waterfalls, the amazing scenery. I am sure heaven will be so much more wonderful than that, but what you shared has just given me my needed dose of beauty for today!

    Your country isn't called America the Beautiful for nothing.

    Hopefully I will be visiting there sometime this year!

    Much love

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