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I don’t have anything remarkable or profound for today’s Multitude Monday… just a selection of some of the gifts that I’m finding as I progress toward 1000. Feel free to join me and the many others in the gift discovery.

158. Each fence post that makes it into the ground

159. Grass that needs to be mowed

160. Hosta that survived the winter

161. Coupons for needed oil changes

162. Shade to shelter furry black dogs from the sun

163. Saturday’s ice skating fun

164. Friends who let me borrow gloves when our own are forgotten

165. Tulips and

166. Grape hyacinths and

167. Sunshine on both

168. Clothes given to me by a friend

169. Cigna finally paying a $400+ claim (thus ending 1/2 of a 5 month saga), and

170. The doctor’s office finally getting a different corrected claim to Cigna (bringing us one step closer to ending the other half of that saga) These are HUGE gifts! He is soooo faithful!

171. Today, for it is a day He has made!

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