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It’s Monday–my choice to start my week with gratitude instead of complaining.

As I count toward 1000, I’m realizing why Ann found this process of counting God’s gifts so life-changing. You know those times we’ve all shared in church, or before dinner at Thanksgiving, where everyone takes a turn thanking God? Sometimes we state the obvious big things, and sometimes we dig deep for something not-so-obvious. At least, that’s what I usually do.

The thing about this list of 1000 gifts is that I used up all of those ideas in the first 30 or so. I moved onto more specific things in my life…and used them all up in the next 30.

Now that I’m up to the still-small-number of 73, and as I stick to my commitment to not repeat gifts, I’m discovering the amazing thing about this exercise–it forces me to open my eyes and look for the good things God has put in my life today. This week. It forces me to pause, to take my eyes off of my desires and my needs, and to be willing to notice and acknowledge what I already have. Or to notice what He’s giving me as He gives it.

It also causes me to look and wait until I notice gifts that I have never noticed before…things that I have always taken for granted. The simple things that make life beautiful.

I’m continuing my list…but please do join me in the comments…what is one gift He has given you today, that you did not have yesterday? Or if that’s too difficult to find at the moment, what is one gift He gave you this past week, that you didn’t have the week before?

73. Fresh waves of hope that are filling both my husband and I this morning.

74. God’s presence in worship yesterday and…

75. The word He gave us afterward and…

76. The commitment that my church family and I entered into, which means good things are going to keep happening!

77. Bananas and peanut butter (::smiles::)

78-85. The eight grandparents whose pictures are on my wall, because of the legacy of staying faithful to their marriage vows ’till death. I am awed that God has given my children this legacy from all of their grandparents and great-grandparents.

86. Isaiah 43:4

What gifts has God given you… today? Please share them!

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  1. The gift this weekend was when I chose love in response to teenage angst and the respone was diffused anger, some smiles and moments of brotherhood. Thank you God!

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