I’m grateful for…

holy experience

This is my second Monday blog post dedicated to being thankful. This blog post explained 1000 gifts, so read that first, if you want to. Then join your own thanks to mine–on your blog, in your own private list, or in the comments here.

So… to continue counting 1000 gifts that my Lord and Savior has given me…

55. violins

56. pianos

57. guitars

58. that my children love learning to play them

59. icicles melting

60. that our dog got found by someone nice last night

61. electric washers

62. electric dryers

63. mail carriers

64. soft warm sweaters

65. quiet mornings

66. hyacinth bulbs blooming on my table and filling the house with their scent

67. the hawks that sit along the road and…

68. the stream that winds along the road on my way home

69. the way the sunset broke through the clouds

70. the variety of foods available in American grocery stores

71. coupons

72. that my dear husband is almost home.

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