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This is my first Monday blog post dedicated to being thankful. Last Thursday’s blog post explained 1000 gifts, so read that first, if you want to. Then join your own thanks to mine–on your blog, in your own private list, or in the comments here.

Now it’s my turn to continue counting 1000 gifts that my Lord and Savior has given me…

#11. The sunshine that we got to enjoy over the weekend.

#12. Today’s rain

#13. Something very specific and special about my dh. God knew what He was about when He brought us together.

#14. The music on the 1000 gift website that is inspired and beautiful and peaceful and just makes me want to rest in God’s presence.

#15. Moments in the night when I felt His presence

#16. Yesterday’s worship

#17. The self-discipline in schoolwork that my children have learned

#18. God’s quiet whispers that I am struggling to hear

#19. Lidj

#20. Mom

#21. God’s favor, though I’m still waiting to discover its full meaning

#22. My littlest brother who, for some inexplicable reason, loves to listen to me talk, and never seems to get tired of Internet chatting with me

#23. The way my daughter would rather read snuggled up against me than anywhere else

#24. Winter

#25. Spring

#26. Mom Mom

#27. Melting icicles

#28. The $5 blanket that is wrapped around my shoulders

#29. Silence

#30. The poem Ann started her own 1000 gifts post today with. I hope she doesn’t mind if I share it:

do not let anything keep you
from flinging out into the streets
to pant it in the marketplace
the back alleys, the front fields,
across the crackling wires

that you have seen, yes, you have seen,
and with these very eyes,
and you hear it even now, how
the rocks cry out

and you cry it too, stammering it, stumbling it
into every willing ear
that you opened your eyes one day and ran right into Him
and He ravishes and He kisses wounds and He serenades
and Beauty has branded you,
marked you with awe

and awe is why I grab the pen and I make the record,
and Beauty is why I scratch it down late, day after day,
and He makes the pulse race and brushes the tear clear and cups the life tender
and this is why I hurtle over the high fear
and disparaging words can’t keep me and splaying shortcomings can’t keep me and illness, work, obligations can’t keep me,
and He is my blaze and He is my burn and and I cannot be muzzled because what can separate from Him and the telling once the eyes have seen?

Could there be anything greater than this,
the bearing witness
to the sighting?

I give testimony.

And I cannot

-Ann Voskamp

6 thoughts on “Thanking Him for…”

  1. Thanks for joining in the praise, Jenny! I visited yours, as well as other links on Ann's list. One of the humbling things about reading other people's lists is that, I see things listed there that I've been given as well…and I realize I've never stopped to be thankful for them.

    Thank You, Father, for:
    31. Laughter

    32. Cameras to capture His beauty

    33. My husband sledding with the kids

    34. Mist on the field across the street and the pond out back

    35. Books, tattered because they're loved so well

    36. Footprints in the snow, made while my children were enjoying #31

    37. Crayons and pictures made with them.

    38. Hugs

    39. Breakfast

    40. The words "I love you"

    41. Titles for other people 1000 gifts lists, like "Overflow Unedited" I can't help smiling!

    42. Children voluntarily reading

    43. Warmth

    44. My children singing praises

  2. So glad that you have joined the Gratitude Community…welcome!
    #23…how I miss those times of cuddling up with my reading children.
    Very beautiful list.

  3. Hi Katie, I found your blog while posting my 1000 gifts. As I read your myBooks page, I realized a connection. Then I saw Karen's picture near the post for her book. Thank you for writing…

  4. I love this post, and the poem…where did you come across such a lovely poem?

    Wow, I have read it several times already…and I still can't get over it.

    I also love the song Let My Words Be Few, the version by Matt Redman is the first time that I heard it a few years ago, and it has remained on my heart.

    That was the song that inspired my God given theme for this year's journey — stillness, and along with it, careful speech. Yes, it is my beautiful prayer this year – Let My Words Be Few. The video you posted on your comment was amazingly beautiful, I loved it.

    I'll probably join the 1000 gifts too, and hey, thanks for putting me in as one of the 1000!

    Love you…

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